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Where are the new posts within a thread?

It seems that the way the threads are set up enables posters to directly reply to another poster without quoting them and keeping each those "side" conversations separate. The problem with this is that when I see that there is a new post in a thread I have no idea where it is and have to start scrolling thru the thread in order to find it. I know of no other way of finding it except to look at the date of each post to see if the date and time is after the last time I looked at the thread. Just because I found a new post does not mean there isn't another one and I have to scroll thru the entire thread looking at all the old and maybe newly started side conversations to see if there are new posts.

Is this really how it is set up or am I doing something wrong?

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I concur. I still can't get used to it. (I have browsed here for a long time, only to register now..).

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Two things:

  1. You can change your default view to sorting by oldest / newest first (so like a flat forum)

  2. You can subscribe to threads and see them in your notifications page (the bell icon at the top) - we'll be adding email notifications to that soon

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OK, I think that makes more sense to me now. Thanks.

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After checking this forum and then clearing my browser's cache I logged on again. The green indicated there was a new post(s) in the voting thread. After scrolling through the entire thread and checking the date of every post I found no new posts but just those posted earlier today. Just imagine if the thread was 10 times longer.

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i have the same problem. i am very unused to this kind of system, finding new posts takes time and is very annoying, its hard to me to follow the discussion like that and it also kills my motivation to check the threads.

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One more issue. I checked the forum earlier today and there was a new post in the MEW voting thread. I just checked the forum again and the green indicated there was a new post in the voting thread. I scrolled thru the entire thread and alas there was no new post. As this scenario has happened before it seems that if it is the same day the green indicates a new post even if there isn't.