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[Draft] Ecosystem Development - List, Discussion, Allocation[...]

Getting accepted at: - Contacted by: ??? - Date: xx.yy.2015 - Answer: ??? - todo: ???

Have to go, update later.

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opennux edited 9 years ago Weight: -525 | Link [ - ]

I'm not sure what exactly the point of the thread is although I can surmise it.

I assume your intention is to make a list of where to get potentially "get accepted" and all the meta-data for this?

Might we approach it differently than most how most other (scam or non-scam) coins approach it? I suspect a lot of those providers likely get bombarded with standard drafted and poorly worded run of the mill emails of why they should accept this or that coin. I think we can do better. Much better.

But please do elaborate on what the thread is specifically about?