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A continuation for all purpose programming of what needs to[...]

I have now finished the second to last milestone in my current contract. I'd originally committed to a short enough time in case it wouldn't work out well, but I think this has worked quite well, so I'm proposing a new contract to follow as soon as the last milestone is done. I have had several requests about applying for an extension, so I think some people at least are keen to see that happening :)

This extension will be a pretty similar deal, but for a longer time period: a set amount of time spent working on monero. I will up the price a bit (both because it's been taking so much of my free time, and because the price of monero has gone down since then), and I will commit to more time in total, with the same average weekly time target. Even though I consistently managed at least equal to the target 10 hours a week so far, this may or may not continue.

I propose the following:

  • 450 hours spent working on monero (previous was 260)
  • A guideline of about 10 hours a week, as previously, but this is only indicative
  • 40 monero per hour (previous was 30, but monero was also valued about a quarter higher in fiat terms)
  • 10 milestones, at regular 45 hours intervals (previous was 6 every 45)
  • so a total of 18000 monero (previous was 7800)

To be started as milestones get funded. There's a 12.92 leftover in the previous fund, it can probably be used to seed this one.

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moneromooo edited 7 years ago Replies: 3 | Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

The last milestone's reached!

  • A lot of ringCT integration - almost ready now
  • a version check between daemon and simplewallet (to avoid compatibility issues)
  • some RPC fixes (integrated address transfers missing payment id, set/get ban having a missing _ in name)
  • port of my old cold storage patch to ringCT (partway through)
  • better output selection (to avoid using related inputs if possible)
  • new commands to export/import signed key images (for optional auditability)
  • plus the never ending random fixes


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Gingeropolous posted 7 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

> better output selection (to avoid using related inputs if possible)

> Thanks

No, thank YOU!

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antw081 posted 7 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

Thanks moneromooo for all your hard work!

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link posted 7 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

I haven't logged here for a while, but i logged today to thank you for RingCT.


moneromooo posted 8 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

Another 45 hours done:

  • daemons on local IP are now considered trusted by default
  • lots of debugging for leaking sockets - still unfixed, but I made a couple related fixes to the network code
  • stack trace logs when an exception occurs, to help in debugging problems from other people
  • type checking for data from JSON (keys file and generate-from-keys)
  • new --generate-from-keys simplewallet option, to generate wallets from keys or seed
  • add height in gettransactions RPC
  • fix for invalid blocks going into the pool and getting mined but rejected
  • ensure wallet is saved on ^C in RPC mode while it was syncing
  • cache block template where possible (may not be merged due to complexity)
  • new sweep_all simplewallet command
  • tx timestamps and user notes in simplewallet
  • sign/verify with a monero address
  • new RPC for tx data as per show_transfers
  • "set" without arguments in simplewallet shows current settings
  • misc smaller bug fixes
moneromooo posted 8 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

Another milestone done. This one took longer because I took a break after the 0.9 push.

Main things I've done on this milestone:

  • fixes for the wallet creating txes over max size the daemon will accept
  • more work on tests (including tests for the MRL-0004 changes)
  • going through all the V1/V2 stuff to catch what I saw was wrong
  • fix for txes not expiring from pool due to other nodes coming online regularly
  • better handling of pending/failed txes in simplewallet
  • new command/RPC to flush txes from the txpool
  • preventing two daemons from using the same data dir concurrently
  • more intelligent handling against duplicate outs
moneromooo posted 8 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

Seventh milestone done. This was was pretty simple to report: - investigating parsing failures in some txes (someone else supplied a patch, which will be merged soon) - wallet access to the tx pool (ie, you can see unconfirmed txes to you) - ringct work (going through shen's reference code, fixing a few things, adding it to monero, and start plugging it in)

That RingCT work took the bulk of the time, and I expect it to be the same for the next 45 hours.

moneromooo posted 8 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

8th milestone reached in record time. All the time was spent on integrating Shen's ringct, as well as fixing issues with the wallet's spent status going out of sync with the daemon/blockchain. Ringct is now kinda working in monero, bugfixing is left.

moneromooo posted 8 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

Third one done. Mostly a lot of fixes and tweaks to get to the release, but these things stand out:

  • All core tests now pass, including misc fixes to the db blockchain code
  • new rescan_bc command (avoids deleting cache file)
  • fixes for the longstanding exit hang bugs
moneromooo posted 8 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

Fifth milestone done:

  • new --restore-from-keys option (useful for restoring a Mymonero account)
  • fixes for rescan_bc not resetting all data
  • changes to RPC to use min mixin for (default) 0
  • hang fix when changing auto-refresh in simplewallet
  • debugging leaking sockets issue
  • debug code to print stack traces upon exceptions thrown from the monero code
  • making --password-file work in RPC mode
  • new --generate-from-json flag (generic automated wallet restore from seed or keys)
  • fixes for hard fork niggles regarding miner tx
  • fix and rework of sweep_dust to match new v2 behavior
moneromooo posted 8 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

9th milestone done. Mostly spent integrating and testing Shen's rct. Also a new fee multiplier to act as transaction priority setting, and small fixes. I also started porting my old cold wallet signing patch to rct.

moneromooo edited 8 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -16 | Link [ - ]

Second milestone done. Here are the highlights:

  • wallet automatic background refresh
  • more speedup for wallet refresh from the daemon
  • fixups for missing key images in some early DB versions
  • a new exit RPC for the wallet
  • automatic recovery for p2pstate.bin corruption
  • build fixes for not-that-old libdb (without DB_FORCESYNC)
  • fixes for some core tests (lots left to do though)
  • including mining status in daemon status command
  • --offline flag for bitmonerod
  • fixes for daemon crash on ^C and hangs on exit
  • atomic wallet cache file save/rename
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Lloydimiller4 posted 8 years ago Weight: -17 | Link [ - ]

Awesome work as always Moneromooo!

ArticMine posted 8 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -64 | Link [ - ]

I believe this thread needs to be moved to work in progress, the final payment of the previous fund a developer thread paid out and any milestones met on this thread also paid out.

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moneromooo posted 8 years ago Weight: -63 | Link [ - ]

I notified fluffypony as I finished each, but I'm not badgering him as he's quite busy. I'm sure he'll get round to it soon.

moneromooo posted 8 years ago Weight: -66 | Link [ - ]

First 45 hours in, still going strong!

  • you knew it: even more hardfork code. A testnet fork was done, and stuff went a bit wonky (the state rescan when restarting a node), so I fixed it
  • more wallet refresh speedups - pulling blocks from the daemon is now parallel with the processing of the previous pulled blocks
  • a fix to the longstanding crash when using a locale that boost doesn't like
  • transactions are now relayed after they're first created (so if you make a tx when the daemon is offline, it'll be sent when it gets online)
  • improved tracking/listing of outgoing transactions (show_transfers command)
  • set store-tx-keys renamed to set store-tx-info, and now defaults to true. It now selects saving extra info from outgoing txes (address, payment id)
  • merging the IP banning code from AEON, and adding new commands and RPC calls to manage bans (which AEON might want to merge)
Lloydimiller4 posted 8 years ago Weight: -90 | Link [ + ]

Seeing this get funding so fast just shows how much our community cares. This makes me really proud of everyone watching this happen, and Moneromooo is such a great ally for our cause. Glad to see he will be sticking around to work for a lot longer. :D

Bassica edited 8 years ago Weight: -98 | Link [ + ]

Contribution sent.

AJIekceu4 edited 8 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -98 | Link [ + ]

+2000 XMR

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Bassica posted 8 years ago Weight: -99 | Link [ + ]

You are awesome! Thanks a lot

pa posted 8 years ago Weight: -98 | Link [ + ]

Topped off.