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Expand Moneropedia entries on the Monero website

Update: this FFS has been canceled, and the funds sent to the General Fund

Posted on behalf of opennux:

Existing entries have to be expanded to have more complete content. A lot of them only have the very short summary used in the hover text for that entry. A complete entry example is the one for Account, although it isn't always possible to add that much information for an entry. If you are pitching to do this, but you aren't familiar with Kramdown, then you may want to team up with someone who is, and you can split the funds raised.

Just some notes that will be repeated on all tasks for the site:

  1. Read the README on the GitHub repo:

  2. We have a very mixed audience visiting the site. Everything needs to start out with explanations for the layman, but also has to have some technical meat further down. Consider each page as if it were a Wikipedia article, with a digestible and easy to understand summary. An example of this is the Moneropedia article on "accounts"

  3. Bear in mind that accessibility is important. Users may be using a screen reader, and so pictures need to exist in addition to text, not instead of it.

  4. Link to Moneropedia terms using @ mentions. This creates a tooltip for the term, and also links to the page. Moneropedia terms are available in singular and plural, and using various alternate terms, view the specific entry's Kramdowm source for details.

  5. If you don't know Markdown / Kramdowm or don't understand git, don't worry, just create a GitHub account and add your content as a GitHub "issue", and someone will do the integration for you.

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opennux posted 7 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

OK, so I have slowly started to assemble a list of entries and writing them. So far I have a list of 85 entries I plan to write.

opennux posted 7 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

OK, I'll sign up for this one and do it. I need to get up to speed with kramdown, but that will be rather quick.

scottbot edited 5 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

Is this still being worked on by opennux? I would be willing to pick it up if it hasn't. Looking at the commits for the past 6 months the bulk of the commits to the site have been anonimal or fluffypony...I don't see any references to a name like opennux or commits that make reference to being part of this project.

5w00p69 posted 8 years ago Weight: -30 | Link [ - ]

I wish to credit drfred for the work and I added it to the github Monero-site Wiki welcome page.

drfred, you can join github, if you haven't already, and you/we can organize it into a better-looking arrangement/layout, but it is a great start.

I forego all funding and apologize to the community for delaying this project. I will devote some time when I can but it will be donated time.

drfred edited 8 years ago Weight: -141 | Link [ - ]

yo gang, I think I wanna help with this, but I'm a bit lost on github as a noob ;) is there a list of terms that need explanation so I have a place to start or should I just create content for whatever monero related keywords I deem necessary?

ps: I'm NOT asking for any xmr for my help on moneropedia.

pps: one thing I noted is the lack of a title-tag for the pictures used. such a tag is a must have for seo reasons and borderless accessibility. Additionally if it is ever decided to give a more seo-friendly content overhaul, let me know. notice that for something like that, I'd ask for a little xmr I think ;)

5w00p69 posted 8 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -145 | Link [ - ]

I am horrible with estimating time needed for a task (obviously). On top of that, the past month or so has been one that I couldn't even make up if I was to offer fiction, rather than the reality that has occurred in terms of "life" issues. Suffice it to say, I apologize for the delays, but it is, in some way, to benefit of the Community, because I now will donate the Monero to the Gen Dev Fund.

And OpenAlias is my first topic for content.

tldr; Updates forthcoming, apologies abound.

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nioc posted 8 years ago Weight: -144 | Link [ - ]

I didn't bother asking for updates after dEBRUYNE did because I thought it might be something like that. It seems that it was everything like that. If you still complete several I have no problem with you being paid as this is important work that I can't do. Best of luck to you.

Shrikez posted 8 years ago Weight: -201 | Link [ + ]

sent a humble 20 XMR TX d3f22ff7fb385050128fe23f1ec7cf5dd009154ddd9a94e3e9472b0a8ed8a66e

antw081 posted 8 years ago Weight: -201 | Link [ + ]

50 XMR sent.

5w00p69 posted 8 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -201 | Link [ + ]

Thank you to all who contributed.

And nioc, good call on the fish slappage. :-)

I will get started today and I will log my time and will have the Moneropedia entries to show for my work.

I estimate that I will be able to complete the 7 hours of work in approximately 1 week, given my other obligations, etc.

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dEBRUYNE posted 8 years ago Weight: -177 | Link [ - ]

Any updates on this? How is it going so far?

5w00p69 edited 8 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -202 | Link [ + ]

I make an offer to work on these entries. My requested funding rate is 15 XMR per hour.

I will keep a log of my time worked and provide the fruits of my labor as justification of time spent.

Let's say 105 XMR to get started, which will fund me for 7 hours of work. I imagine that I will be able to complete several Moneropedia entries in that amount of time.

If it works out, more funding can be sought.

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fluffypony posted 8 years ago Weight: -202 | Link [ + ]

Sounds good, I'll move the thread and set it up for funding

nioc edited 8 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -202 | Link [ + ]

I'll start the ball rolling with a modest contribution of 15 XMR.

This is a start on an important aspect of Monero as it will enable new users to understand as well as use Monero. We need new users and I believe they will start coming once the new release happens "very soon". So the timing is right, right now!

Anybody willing to get fish slapped is OK by me.

Edit: Donation not showing, fluffypony contacted. I left out the ! at the end of the payment ID because as far as I know the ! character should not be part of a payment ID. Is that correct? There are many !s all throughout the "how to contribute" page!!!!

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Gingeropolous posted 8 years ago Replies: 2 | Weight: -202 | Link [ + ]

I never include the ! at the end of the payment ID. Probably just something on the server end. Did the transaction show up in the blockchain?

Reply to: Gingeropolous nioc
fluffypony posted 8 years ago Weight: -202 | Link [ + ]

Sorry guys, technical hiccup after moving the forum to a new server a few days ago. My bad. Busy fixing:)

Reply to: Gingeropolous nioc
nioc posted 8 years ago Weight: -202 | Link [ + ]

Yes the transaction showed on the blockchain. Fluffypony contacted me saying it is fixed!!!