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Reimburse Coinflip for operating the Monero BATM at DEFCON

What: Coinflip would like the flight and hotel costs for attending Defcon for two employees reimbursed. The current cost estimate is $2,600 USD (20 XMR).

Who: rehrar and michels[m] have been in contact with Coinflip and rehrar will handle this process.

Why: We are receiving a working General Bytes BATM Two ( device for the duration of DEFCON. Nevada state law requires a money transmitter license to buy or sell cryptocurrency for cash. We have asked Coinflip to operate the BATM and they have agreed to send 2 employees for the duration of the conference. Since they will be coming out at their own expense and volunteering time, expertise, license, and labor for the days and making a custom Monero skin for the ATM, they believe it's fair to request reimbursement for the fixed costs for flight and hotel.

The benefits to the community of this proposal for the fully operational BATM will be: 1) the prestige of the world’s first exclusive Monero ATM, 2) economic stimulus for vendors who can price all goods in XMR, 3) showcase for talks, demonstrations, and the testing of the new Kasisto devices (and even the Monero village badges!), 4) removal of liability from manufacturer of device in case anything goes wrong, and 5) notable increase in XMR market value.

The potential downsides of this proposal include: 1) external costs and funding of a new 3rd party, 2) arguments directed against economic exploitation of Monero fanbase, and 3) unanticipated legal exposure and liability.

The Proposal and Milestones: Coinflip will accept XMR directly. rehrar will announce the status of the negotiations at the DefCon 26 Workgroup Meeting on 2018-07-26 at 16:00 UTC. If the negotiations fail or if we fail to raise the appropriate funding in time, all donated funds will be directed to the General Fund.

Expiration: 2018-07-30 23:59 UTC

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