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moneromooo: january - march coding

Hello all,

It's me again, asking for donations to continue working on monero. For reference, I just posted this month's highlights:

  • mark-spent-outputs now finds more known spent outputs
  • plenty of speedups
  • fix fast sync when a tx is already in the pool
  • fix optimized tx bulletproofs for ledger
  • more work on pruning (plus pruning known spent amount data)
  • misc fixes for bigendian (doesn't sync yet)
  • more unit tests
  • out of sync difficulty investigation
  • p2p tx message padding
  • save ring members after selection (privacy gain)
  • new non destructive blockchain rescan
  • code review
  • many smaller fixes and improvements

I'm planning to continue working full time on monero. My main goals will be pruning (almost ready now, a branch is available for sync testing) and getting the next release ready and stable (planning early for january this time). Donations are very much appreciated. Using the current price of 59.09, at the notional $30+0.2 rate, the next three months' target is 368 monero. Thank you again.

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