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Now for some fun: naming Monero releases

As David has mentioned before, we'll be switching to Semantic Versioning soon, and fully implementing it from v1.0. This means that the next release of Monero will be 0.9, not, as it is a major change. We're resisting tagging 1.0 till we have the new RPC API implemented and a subsequent compatibility freeze on the API for the whole of the 1.x range.

Just for fun, though, I'd like us to come up with a naming system for Monero releases. It will only be minor version bumps that get a name, not patch releases.

My two proposals are:

Made out of Elements

This gives us a maximum of 118 releases (which is plenty) before we have to switch to a different naming system. We will follow the order in the Periodic Table (ie. by their atomic number), and an object will be selected by the Core Team (or the community) that is "made" of that element, using alliteration / assonance for maximum awesomeness.

Examples could include stuff like:

Monero 0.9: Hydrogen Haircut
Monero 3.0: Magne­sium Mountain
Monero 24.3: Anti­mony Alarm
Monero 50.0: Unun­septium Umbrella

A Testament to Nobel Winners

This is advantageous as the list grows every year, so we should have names forever. No particular order need apply. Nobel laureates would typically be credited using their initials and surname.

Examples could include stuff like:

Monero 0.9: G Marconi
Monero 3.0: M Curie
Monero 24.3: N Mandela
Monero 50.0: R Zinkernagel

Thoughts? Alternatives? Input? Speak now or forever hold your Palladium Peace.

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palexander edited 8 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -225 | Link [ - ]

Ran out of galaxies, so used Messier objects which include nebulae and star clusters, etc. The last 30 or so are Messier objects.

Neon Bear's Paw sounds good. :-)

Elements Galaxies, Messier Objects
Hydrogen Ambartsumian's Knot
Helium Andromeda
Lithium Antennae
Beryllium Aquarius Dwarf
Boron Arp's
Carbon Atom For Peace
Nitrogen Baade's
Oxygen Barbon's
Fluorine Barnard's
Neon Bears Paw
Sodium BL Lacertae
Magnesium Black Eye
Aluminium Bode's
Silicon Burbidge Chain
Phosphorus BW Tauri
Sulfur Capricorn Dwarf
Chlorine Carafe
Argon Carina Dwarf
Potassium Cartwheel
Calcium Centauras A
Scandium Circinus
Titanium Coddington's Nebula
Vanadium Copeland Septet
Chromium Cygnus A
Manganese Draco Dwarf
Iron Exclamation Mark
Cobalt The Eyes
Nickel Fath 703
Copper Fornax A
Zinc Fourcade-Figuero
Gallium The Garland
Germanium Grus Quartet
Arsenic Gibson Reaves
Selenium Hardcastle's
Bromine Helix
Krypton Hercules A
Rubidium Hoag's Object
Strontium Holmberg I
Yttrium Horologium Dwarf
Zirconium Hydra A
Niobium Integral Sign
Molybdenum Keenan's System
Technetium Kowal's Object
Ruthenium Large Magellanic Cloud
Rhodium Leo Triplet
Palladium Lindsay-Shapley Ring
Silver Lost
Cadmium McLeish's Object
Indium Maffei I
Tin Malin 1
Antimony Mayall's Object
Tellurium Mice
Iodine Miniature Spiral
Xenon Minkowski's Object
Caesium Pancake
Barium Papillon
Lanthanum Pegasus Dwarf
Cerium Perseus A
Praseodymium Phoenix Dwarf Irregular G.
Neodymium Pinwheel
Promethium Pisces Cloud
Samarium Polarissima Australis
Europium Reinmuth 80
Gadolinium Reticulum Dwarf
Terbium Sagittarius Dwarf
Dysprosium Sculptor Dwarf
Holmium Seashell
Erbium Serpens Dwarf
Thulium Sextans A
Ytterbium Seyfert's Sextet
Lutetium Shapley-Ames 1
Hafnium Siamese Twins
Tantalum Silver Coin
Tungsten Small Magellanic Cloud
Rhenium Sombrero
Osmium Spider
Iridium Spindle
Platinum Stephan's Quintet
Gold Sunflower
Mercury Triangulum
Thallium Ursa Minor Dwarf
Lead Virgo A
Bismuth Whirlpool
Polonium Wild's Triplett
Astatine Wolf-Lundmark-Melotte
Radon Zwicky's Triplet
Francium Comet
Radium Milky Way
Actinium Tadpole
Thorium Hanny's Object
Protactinium Hucra's Lens
Uranium Komossa's Object
Neptunium Wilman 1
Plutonium Tucana Dwarf
Americium Antila
Curium Dwingeloo
Berkelium Crab Nebula
Californium Butterfly Cluster
Einsteinium Ptolemy Cluster
Fermium Lagoon Nebula
Mendelevium Wild Duck Cluster
Nobelium Great Globular Cluster
Lawrencium Eagle Nebula
Rutherfordium Horseshoe Nebula
Dubnium Trifid Nebula
Seaborgium Dumbbell Nebula
Bohrium Orion Nebula
Hassium De Mairan's Nebula
Meitnerium Beehive Cluster
Darmstadtium Pleiades
Roentgenium Ring Nebula
Copernicium Little Dumbbell Nebula
Ununtrium Cigar Galaxy
Flerovium Owl Nebula
Ununpentium Southern Pinwheel Galaxy
Livermorium Cetus A Galaxy
Ununseptium Winnecke 4
Ununoctium Sagittarius Star Cloud
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fluffypony edited 8 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -184 | Link [ - ]


Edit: on consideration, maybe stars and constellations are better than galaxy names? Ideally we want 1 word names, otherwise "Livermorium Sagittarius Star Cloud" is a bit of a tongue twister.

I used these lists: and

Which would mean our options for 0.9 that aren't completely ridiculous are:

  • Monero 0.9: Hydrogen Hercules
  • Monero 0.9: Hydrogen Horologium
  • Monero 0.9: Hydrogen Hydra
  • Monero 0.9: Hydrogen Hydrus
  • Monero 0.9: Hydrogen Haedi
  • Monero 0.9: Hydrogen Hassaleh
  • Monero 0.9: Hydrogen Helix
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Gingeropolous posted 8 years ago Weight: -183 | Link [ - ]

I like this!!! This has my vote! If there is a vote! Exclamations!

Hueristic edited 7 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

I would Propose WarpTangent for V1.0

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fluffypony edited 8 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

We've actually been bouncing that exact idea around for the next version - currently thinking around "Wolfram Warptangent", since Wolfram is actually an element (it's an alternate name for Tungsten)

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Hueristic posted 8 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

Great to hear! :)

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grimpants edited 8 years ago Replies: 2 | Weight: -248 | Link [ + ]

Mixing Elements with Galaxies sounds fun.

Palladium Pinwheel, Silicon Sombrero, Carbon Cartwheel, Helium Hoag, Aluminium Antennae... :)

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sylviaplathlikestobake edited 8 years ago Weight: -216 | Link [ - ]

Silicon Sombrero in honor of Tacotime is a no brainer. Flerovium Pegasus for FluffyPony with wings.

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fluffypony posted 8 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -244 | Link [ + ]

Nice, I like this idea, as long as there are enough of them to match the elements. Carbon C3710823 doesn't sound so appealing:-P

@palexander should we create a master list on this thread and then everyone else can help us put them together?

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palexander posted 8 years ago Weight: -240 | Link [ + ]

Yeah, give me a few days, and I can put the list together.

Gingeropolous posted 8 years ago Weight: -248 | Link [ + ]

i like elements.

we could also just use dictionary words, and elementify all the uncool words in the dictionary, so we'd never run out of names! Monero's always thinking of year 3042

First real words of merriam webster :
... withium

Kazuki edited 8 years ago Weight: -249 | Link [ + ]

Elements are cool, Platinum Nuclei release sounds amazing.

opennux posted 8 years ago Replies: 1 | Weight: -251 | Link [ + ]

Why not in Esperanto?

Monero 0.9: Hidrogeno Monero 3.0: Magnezio

The Nobel approach is political, which should be avoided.

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fluffypony posted 8 years ago Weight: -248 | Link [ + ]

> Why not in Esperanto?

Because we still need it to be accessible, people need stuff that roles off the tongue. Plus if we make it English it can be translated into local languages without forcing people to use a particular language convention:)

palexander edited 8 years ago Weight: -263 | Link [ + ]
Well Known Galaxies
Well Known Constellations
Canis Major
Hugo Award Winners
Major Orbital Launch Systems from Different Countries
China-Long March
wedgy2k edited 8 years ago Weight: -263 | Link [ + ]

My initial thoughts, "how about some thing a bit more comedic?" But then I realised ... I'm / we're serious about XMR, so would be funny for 10 minutes then pathetic / childish / not serious etc. once the joke has worn off. I like the elements proposal please - suggests highbrow with an air of education and meaning.