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Translating simplewallet

Crossposted from the bitcointalk thread

> You know about mnemonic seeds (or private login key on, right? > > You know that words are available in several languages. > > We would like to extend the number of languages. And we need you for that.

Unfortunately, we did not find an easy way to compile the thousand of unambiguous-at-fourth-letter words we need.

Exact rules are:

  • wordlist is created in such way that it's enough to type the first four letters to unambiguously identify the word (thus implied minimum word length is 4 letters), if you're brave you can make it 3 letters as with the English one, but that isn't strictly necessary
  • word pairs like "build" and "built", "woman" and "women", or "quick" and "quickly" not only make remembering the sentence difficult, but are also more error prone and more difficult to guess
  • the worlist must contain exactly 1626 words

First request for help: how to find such a list for a given language

Second request for help: step up for a given language

Step 1: proper methodology

Proposal 1

Courtesy Jojatekok

  1. Find your language at
  2. Copy the list of all the words into Excel (or any other table manager). sammy007 uses Ruby.
  3. Order the results by name, and then in a new column, calculate each word's length (=LEN(A1))
  4. Filter the table by length: minimum 4, and maximum 8 characters
  5. Narrow down to get 1626 words. Some hints for selection:
    • Verbs infinitive
    • Nouns and adjectives: nominative masculine singular (if you don't know what "nominative" means, then your language doesn't have it). Irregular flexions (plural without a -s, feminine greatly different from masculine…) are OK because there is no ambiguity. Also, plural are OK when singular is not much used
    • No proper noun (like names)
    • Avoid tainted words like shit, rape… (" it's funny how you start with 50,000 words and later struggle to find enough to match the criteria")
    • Lack of monotony helps in memorising the words
  6. Export as text, one word per line (thus, separator is newline - doesn't matter if it is CR, LF or CR/LF)
  7. Create a new issue for monero-project/bitmonero:

Moneromoo proposed a script.

Step 2: translation

Status: pledged

  • Finnish: Kasvain
  • French: moneromoo + David Latapie
  • Turkish: Thomas Winget's friend
  • Hindi: Thomas Winget's other friend
  • German: othe(?) + shrikez
  • Hungarian: jojatetok
  • Greek: GreekBitcoin
  • Dutch: Bassica
  • Esperanto: marcushatt

Status: translated

  • Russian: sammy007
  • Italian: shrikez

Status: implemented

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Japanese

Please provide feedback here, or on or on the usual IRC channels (#monero and #monero-dev)

Thank you!

(I will update this post as required)

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EN{ Hi, I'd like to pledge translation to 'eo'.}

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Good catch! I updated the instructions, can you start now?