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Free OpenAlias Registration Platform

I want to start off by saying that I don't know if this is even possible - but here's my idea.

I want a website where a user could sign up with their email and then be taken to a dashboard. On this dashboard, there will be 2 fields to fill in - a "username" and an address (and then specify whether it is XMR or BTC) and possibly a + button to add another address if desired.

On the backend it would extract the username, address, currency, etc. and would write a TXT DNS record on that domain using OpenAlias standard. Voila! Your new alias - free! At any point, they could log in and change where the alias points to.

Here's the deal - I will host this and pay the monthly bills, without ads or charging a dime to users. It will run on donations alone, or I will foot the bill. The issue? I'm not a programmer and not even sure if this is possible (Why wouldn't it be?). If someone thinks this will be a simple project, feel free to program away and I will host this for the Monero community for free!

We'll come up with a good domain name too ;)

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kodaxx posted 8 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

@leotreasure, how did cryptoname do it while they were around?

saddam edited 8 years ago Weight: -1 | Link [ - ]

I am working on something like this now, to deploy as a subdomain of Which I am already hosting, but when the time comes I will be happy to accept donations. :)

The openalias addresses would be [yourname]

leotreasure edited 8 years ago Weight: -37 | Link [ - ]

The problem with writing a TXT DNS record is that you need the domain name owners' account details (and the process is a cumbersome & manual one).