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Latest blockchains on torrents.

On my third attempt to d/l the latest Win-64 blockchain. At 2.3GB large files like this would be perfect for torrenting networks.

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just-mike edited 8 years ago Weight: -851 | Link [ - ]

Seems like a no-brainer. Server bandwidth must be cheap so this is not being pursued.

zosomk edited 8 years ago Weight: -892 | Link [ - ]

We can use bittorrent sync to distribute the blockchain Im using a cron job to grab the latest blockchain from The only problem is every time i grab an updated blockchain file everyone in the sync will have to re download the 2.3 GB of blockchain. For now i have it setup to get the new blockchain every 7 days should it be longer/shorter?

Key For Windows 64bit Blockchain:


Nekomata edited 8 years ago Weight: -893 | Link [ - ]

it would save a lot of bandwidth from moneros server.