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XMR Average Price Paid Tracker - Wallet Developers

One thing I think is missing from all cryptocurrency wallets is a built-in way to track your average price paid for your cryptocurrency of choice. This is needed due to the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies. This way you can easily keep track of whether you can spend it or not. (And yes, I am specifically gearing this idea to the concept of spending versus just some percentage gain or loss) So, I was thinking that in a transaction list for a particular wallet, you could flag transactions that you want to track.

As the transactions are flagged, the wallet keeps a rolling average price paid. Transactions that you would flag would be transactions that involved USD to XMR, BTC to XMR, etc. In relation to this, the wallet could also show you how much you can spend at any given time.

I guess the ideal situation here would be a web based XMR wallet that can poll exchange prices, so that all the user has to do is flag the particular transaction(s). Stand alone wallets will probably require the user to input the exchange rate at the time of transaction unless developer built in exchange polling.

A bonus in relation to this, would be a graphic (some kind of chart) that shows this information. Since cryptocurrencies are both an asset and are easily spent/transferred, I think we need a new way of visualizing this information. (and also basically visualize at a glance).

Thought I would throw that out there. I think it would be very useful for just your average xmr user that doesn't want to spend time screwing around with spreadsheets, etc.

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