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Promotion of Monero at the Local Community Level (Jacksonvil[...]

What Promotion of Monero as an alternative to cash, debit, and credit card (USD) transactions in the local community.

Why Increased market capitalization for Monero will lead to dividends for those who hold Monero. We all know that Monero is great for online, anonymous, faceless transacting online. However, in order for our favorite cryptocurrency to truly compete in the market, alternatives to Deep Web transacting are necessary.

Test Market As a well-established legal professional in a large metropolitan area in the United States (Jacksonville, Florida), I have a market imprint that is capable of promoting Monero. This project will be done in three phases, as follows:

Phase One: Local community promotion of Monero. This phase will include direct marketing on Monero, including hard-copy and electronic promotional items that explain Monero, specifically, and cryptocurrencies as a whole, to the community at large. This phase will run for 90-days after receipt of funding.

During phase one, my company will also integrate Monero into our accounts receivables, allowing new and existing clients to take care of their invoices for legal services in Monero, should they see fit.

Phase Two: This will branch and extend the campaign to the entire US state of Florida. During this phase, funds will be needed for mass production of advertising materials that present Monero to the general public.

Phase Three: The final phase will be a regional educational and advertising campaign for general public integration of Monero.

Who William Alexander, a certified paralegal in the US State of Florida; as well as Rose Document Services, a legal document preparation company. Upon approval of this project, we will not only be conducting this study, but we will also streamline Monero payments for our clients.

Amount Requested 275 XMR for Phase 1; 600 XMR for Phase 2; and 1000 XMR for Phase 3

How Funds will Be Spent Advertising and educational materials will be utilized to spread the message of Monero in order to gain the same name recognition as competing cryptocurrencies. Let's face it, most people -- even those who have never used cryptocurrencies -- know what bitcoin is. The same cannot be said for Monero. This project will aim to give Monero full name recognition in the general community -- a large metropolitan area (Jacksonville, Florida). Each phase will also consist of travelling seminars, in which I will provide attendees with educational resources.

Advertising campaigns will also be utilized to spread the message.

Address for funding: 4Ah97q1bBWNUH7yc71Q11PX1X4VJTx6r9WaZb1a8YheAGrKsjRwgDRHipDigdsJiaPZ7Bt2Ycw3AFUUaumdzx1FX97HfkTG

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