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Port cryptonight miner for armv8


What do you think of porting XMR miner on a modern multi-core ARMv8 platform? As far as I can tell, currently there is only Monero v0.10.3.1 capable for solo mining, which does not have practical value. As a PHD student at Computer Science and Electronic in Belgrade and a experienced embedded software developer, I believe that porting XMR miner for aarch64 mobile platform will introduce many possibilities. Mobile field has a lot of potential and it grows every year. We are all witnesses that new and more powerful SoCs based on ARM are presented every year. Besides its performance boots, power consumption also gets better and better. Combination of high performance and low power consumption will produce best miner platforms.

I am not familiar of procedure how to create proposal for funding or something else, so please go with comments observations or suggestions.



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