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Off Chain HW Bearer Bond Facilitator

Version: 0.6
Date: 22 September 2017
Author: Michael Schloh von Bennewitz
Contact: [email protected]
IRC-contacts: msvb-lab, msvb-mob
Title: Off Chain HW Bearer Bond Facilitator

This document is unstable until reaching version 1.0.


This project describes the work steps needed to complete the design of a user friendly USB or similar interfaced XMR bond hardware device. The device is cheap and intended to pass hands one to many times, just as a simple chipcard loaded with public transportation funds.


This project is innovative but lacks the novelty of contending designs, because Monero by default provides benefits of transactional anonymity. Nevertheless, the Monero project would benefit from a connectionless physical medium that is completely decoupled from blockchain dependency, allowing a bond hardware device to play a novelty role within the Monero community.

Some contending designs provide such a feature, but do so without supporting Monero nor in a transparent project and Opensource hardware manner. We aim to bridge the gap, and using experience from previous hardware projects we'll develop a bond design to raise Monero's profile yet again.


This is a placeholder FFS for a proposal to be written once other RFC-HWAPPLIC-X proposals are considered.

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