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"Monero API" idea

Hello, my name is Everton, I'm OpenResty developer (NGINX / Lua server) and Marketing Manager, I have requested approval of my idea to obtain funds for the Monero API project.

What will be "Monero API"?

If approved, it will be a start-up, an API service like "" / "" (both for Bitcoin), my idea is to develop a similar service (and adapted) to Monero.

Current Development Status:

I already bought the domains: (main)

I rented a server in Holland via DigitalOcean. I already configured the server; I have not started the site development (so it's offline);

Why do I need the funding?

  1. Enable the PRO advantages offered by CloudFlare; (15 XMR)
  2. Enable the CloudFlare API rate service (charged per usage); (15 XMR)
  3. Raise my plan on DigitalOcean; (20 XMR)
  4. Be able to request a small fee (each transfer will cost 0.5% of the transaction) to maintain the service; (40 XMR)
  5. Initially, logically, the service will not make a profit until reaching a certain number of customers; (40 XMR)
  6. Buy a dedicated (not shared) SSL certificate via CloudFlare and renew annually; (5 XMR)
  7. Have money to renew domains in 2018/2019 (GoDaddy has a discount in the first year, in the second the value "explode"); (5 XMR)
  8. Publicize the service; (40 XMR)
  9. Purchase the domain certificate from GoDaddy (Site Thrust); (1 XMR)
  10. Take time to dedicate to the project; (40 XMR)
  11. Finish the project and keep it online for many years; (50 XMR)

Total requested: 271 XMR.

Definitely, who am I?

I am 25 years old, born and live in Brazil (State of São Paulo), since 2008 I have been a self-proclaimed programmer, I developed a mobile game once to learn Lua + Corona SDK (Happy Morning, 15000 lines of code in Lua, the game is available for Android :-P), I conclude my College of Marketing Management to improve the difficulties I have in studying the market ("Identify and Satisfy" as my professor says). My dream is to have an internet service where many people depend, serve them well and be recognized by the work. My level of English is intermediate (I'm getting better).

Is the service useful for Monero?

Yes, every new service is useful for Monero. Yes, it will allow other services that use it to emerge. Yes, Monero's tendency is to rise, I want to contribute to its prosperity (it's not every coin that owns a service like, Monero has).

What are the advantages of financing this project?

  1. It will help the future of the currency;
  2. Contributors engaged will not be taxed in the first years for the use of the service;
  3. Contributors will have their name + XMR address (if they wish) on the service "about" screen;

I hope you approve as soon as possible, I'm looking forward to the idea. I'm available for any clarification.

Regards, Everton "Erto" XMR Address: 44awF8jxEUZ88AZWce551EUjq89dMhTVbYxKQ9trX7RnW2P8Ab2vWZoKpguG7uGMrZibzBUyrmoJDDvtqFwm25vC9KwhzBn

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Mrawesome posted 6 years ago Weight: 0 | Link [ - ]

OK I can kinda understand where you are coming from. You see this great API service for bitcoin and think OH MAN WE NEED THAT FOR MONERO. However there are issues with creating a service like that which, in my opinion, will make it not worth the time to create.

One of the big issues with ideas that spawn from a bitcoin service to a Monero service is that bitcoin and Monero use completely different technologies. It's easy to check the amount of funds a bitcoin address has or if any transaction is coming into the bitcoin address; bitcoin is very transparent and everything is public. However doing something like that for Monero (even with doing some smart tricks with the secret view key because it would be impossible otherwise) will be very taxing on any API service. Let alone it would need to remove some of the privacy (being that you would be able to see what transactions are coming into the account) Monero has.

You will either need to re-scan Monero's blockchain and parse the results accordingly every time a request comes in or keep a continuous log on what transactions are coming into an provided account (that the user has handed over the secret view key for). It just will be generally messy and not at all worth it because Monero currently provides an RPC client that is able to do everything an API service can do and more while maintaining complete privacy and control.

Good intentions and great idea on paper but the wrong blockchain to develop it on.