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I'm creating a multi-market Monero exchange manager. Here's[...]


This project started out as a way to handle my exchanges on bithumb, but I've decided, time and money willing, to expand it to cover several American markets with alternative coins as well to make it easy to "spend" what you've sold. The goal being to be able to, in one click, sell XMR, buy another coin (BTC, LTC or ETH) with the profits, and send it to an American/European market where it can then be sold cashed out. Automation is a top priority.

It makes use of several different APIs all working in conjunction to give you live market data in the currency of your choosing. When selling, it automatically shows you the amount of money you will receive after fees and can alert you (by sound notification, desktop messages, or SMS messages) to price changes based on custom set parameters. For instance, if you have set an alert to inform you when Monero reaches $350, it will send you a text message. From that message, you can respond:


The Manager will then place an order to sell 0.5 Moneroj at $350 per XMR on bithumb, which will be confirmed via an SMS message containing an Order ID.

Your last 5 transactions are shown at the bottom of the screen which can also be sent to you via text if you so wish. A full listing of SMS commands will be available once we've settled on them.

The ultimate goal is to make Monero easier to use while offering an intuitive and simple interface for new and veteran users alike. Everything pictured above is already 100% functional, but in order to continue development, it will require more time which will require funding as my day job is a freelance developer and I'm forced to take on other jobs and put this aside do to income limitations. The end product is to be released to the community free of charge should it make it that far. I have no desire to profit from it, just to be able to feed my family while completing it.

I am more than willing to answer any questions about the project and would love hear any input that the community may have about it. Thank you for your time.

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