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******Wrap My xB During USA Tour - Positive Publicity for Mo[...]

I'm leaving Portland, Oregon on February 15th to tour the United States for approx. 9 months in my 2012 Scion xB. I will be racking up about 20,000 miles and spending most of the time in 16 major metropolitan areas.

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My name is Sam. I'm new to the forum but I've been reading for a couple months and been a fan of Monero for a little over a year. I have a passion for crypto and bridging the gap between coin and consumer.

My vision is to tour the United States promoting Monero.

I'm offering my 2012 Scion xB to be professionally wrapped in Monero branding and graphics.

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I am asking for funding for the graphics design and wrap (8.1 XMR), fuel between major cities (1.95 XMR) and hotel 3 nights per week (21.89 XMR)

Seeking Total 31.94 XMR

1 XMR = $370 USD

I will fund my own fuel within the city which is about 50-75 miles per day and I will fund my own hotel 4 nights per week.

I will photo/video document everyday including showing odometer readouts, receipts and proof of work where applicable. I will post to this thread.

I will form Monero Meetup groups in each city if none already exist. I will attend other crypto related events, groups and meetups along the way all the while being an ambassador for Monero.

My qualifications are that I love to drive and I have have a thirst for travel. I've completed 3000 successful Lyft rides among other app driven driving gigs. I have a clean driving record and I maintain my vehicle well.

7243 highway miles Plus 50-75 city miles daily My car will get noticed and will be professionally wrapped in Monero branded graphics!

enter image description here

$3000 USDGraphics design and wrap - PDXWraps -

$725 Fuel between cities - Generic via Best Price

$8100 Hotel - Motel6 or whatever is low price

City list

Portland, OR (10 days) Sacramento, CA (10 days) San Francisco, CA (20 days) Los Angeles, CA (20 days) San Diego, CA (20 days) Phoenix, AZ (30 days) Las Vegas, NV (20 days) Denver, CO (10 days) Oklahoma City, OK (10 days) Nashville, TN (10 days) Chicago, IL (20 days) New York City, NY (30 days) Washington DC (10 days) Charlotte, NC (20 days) Miami, FL (20 days) Atlanta, GA (10 days)

If you have ideas or suggestions please feel free to post them. This trip is happening regardless of funding I receive however I cannot afford to wrap my xB on my own dollar and I will likely spend more nights sleeping in my car or camping.

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