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A fantasy cricket game app that uses Monero for transactions[...]

The Idea

India is country with tech savvy youngsters with a lot of craze for the game of cricket. The Indian Premier League(IPL) is a good platform to launch Monero to this young population. India is a developing market where a lot of brands focus their energy to establish. Cryptocurrency is pretty new to the population and an early move by any coin will give an early adoption advantage. Only in the last 6 months, the media is publishing the news about bitcoins.

A fantasy game app can be used as a good tool for marketing and better adoption.


I’m a software engineer by education and have helped build 4 startups from scratch over the last 10 years. I’m currently a CTO for an ecommerce startup in India, which was covered by Google for using their tech stack. The video can be found at As a team, we have built more than 100+ apps over the last 6 years ranging from top travel portals in India to top crypto exchanges in India. I also have a facebook community of 3000+ members, who used to play my fantasy cricket facebook app a couple of years back. I was also a Vice President (Product development) in the largest all sports news portal in Asia.


We have been passionate about cryptocurrencies for a while now. Lately we researched Dash, ZCash and Monero and loved the implementation and the anonymity that it provides. There is only one exchange in India that offers Monero, so we thought of launching one. But unfortunately, there is a need for market awareness. While thinking about the ways to educate people about Monero, we came up with this idea.
We have almost built the app which will be ready by mid Feb for a beta launch. We are expecting some financial help in acquiring users and for the prize money. The IPL starts in April

The Proposal and Milestones

First Marketing Sprint. The app has an inbuilt referral program. So we intend to give 0.03 XMR for every successful referrals for both the parties. Effectively 0.06 XMR for a successful referral. For 1K users, the spend is 60XMR.

For Marketing, Facebook targeting, SMS marketing - 20XMR

Feb 15 - Beta Release. Mar 15 - Freeze iterations and development

PS: Im not taking any fees for the development of the app, as I will be benefited if the app is a success.

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