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Owlstand, an online art platform AND Monero payment

Hi Monero community,

This proposal is not directly related to Monero's development, but we are exploring the possibility of using Monero as our pivotal currency for our site:

Because we see Monero has a unique character that normal currencies don't: anonymity.

The idea is that debut artist might not want to share the price tag to the public. Buyers can make deals with artists, and Owlstand as a platform can just sign the multisignature transactions if the artwork is delivered.

Currently we are raising funding with a TSO: This is a multi-currencies Dutch auction. You are welcome to check it out.

Our product is here:

We are a team of Monero users, and we think by advocate more suitable businesses to accept Monero, the community will certainly grow bigger. Artists are a group of potential users to use Monero, and we can certainly communicate with them about this.

Kind regards, Owlstand team

Owlstand TSO

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