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Monero XMRIG Android Miner


Some weeks ago, I revived the former PickAxe project based on Monero Miner. The app currently does support, and achieves 25-41hs on a modern octacore ARMv8 CPU, and the apk itself is compatible with any Android 6.0+ ARMv7, ARMv8, x86 and x86_64 architectures.

You can see the full project on this url:

And the app is published on F-droid, as Google Play Store policies forbids expressively miners that makes use in excess of CPU or Battery, allowing only remote miners.

Basicaly is Monero Miner with updated XMRIG miner and dependencies. I'll work forward on the project if I really see some people using it, as most of people think mining on these devices will be very slow. In fact, mining monero could be slow, but it is ok for some other currencies, that XMRig supports.

I open this thread to discuss this and eventually offer support if you find a bug (please take your time and submit an Issue on github).

Thank you.

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