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Fork of OpenBazaar for XMR

Rather than asking them to add XMR support, one possibility is to just go ahead and implement it ourselves.

Any coder(s) interested on this? I am way over my head for the next couple of months so I doubt I can spend time on this. :(

I didn't check the OpenBazaar code, but my guesstimate is that it isn't a gigantic project to switch it from XBT to XMR support. The tricky part might be a multisig part if any, but the core team is working on adding this to XMR so development could probably be done in parallel.

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amoebatron edited 8 years ago Weight: -822 | Link [ - ]

Here's an idea: How about forking OpenBazaar for use with Litecoin, Dogecoin and Monero? That way we can generate instant mass community support and introduce new communities to Monero thus taking Darkcoin out of the equation before it has the same idea.

rocco edited 8 years ago Weight: -825 | Link [ - ]

yes, xmr fork of openbazar will sure happen sooner than later. the next 6 months will be super exciting with xmr gui + database and a possible openbazar xmr fork. Still, openbazar needs some services to function. if every vendor needs to run its own node 24/7 this wont work. but i am sure this kind of services will pop up fast. An xmr openbazarr would need those services too.

a lightweight client would sure help too, once the major stuff is done