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Posts by AJIekceu4

Thread Post Excerpt
Fund a Developer: moneromoo will work part-time on Monero for 260 hours over approx. 6 months <p>1000 XMR sent</p>
Improved NVIDIA mining software <p>1000 XMR sent</p>
Documentation and cleanup of source code <p>Sounds good, i will donate 500 xmr for this.</p>
Documentation and cleanup of source code <p>500 XMR sent</p>
Open source AMD miner by Wolf0 <p>Very good, ready to donate. Also it will be very good, if miner will have function for low_intenc...
Open source AMD miner by Wolf0 <p>2000 XMR Send as i promised for AMD Miner.</p>
A continuation for all purpose programming of what needs to get done in monero <p>+2000 XMR</p>
More mooo coding goodness <p>+500 XMR</p>
anonimal's Kovri Full Time Development funding thread <p>Donated :)</p>
Monero Video Series <p>+</p>
Shen Noether: RingCT review, multisig design and implementation <p>+</p> Redesign <p>donated</p>
Monero Bounty for HackerOne <p>Donated</p>
Hire PhD mathematician to look into post-quantum crypto, ZK protocols, blockchain bloat. <p>Donated!</p>
Moving instructions and manuals into the video format and launching news feeds <p>I will be glad to make a donation for this in FFS! Roman is awesome guy.</p>