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Ratings of fluffypony

Rating Giver Receiver Notes
-1 fluffypony ronkrt Initial trade completely smooth; small (0.25 BTC) loan repayment dates missed. However, he has been paying small amounts recently on a regular basis, and is whittling the outstanding amount down. $170 still remaining.
-1 fluffypony rg How far the mighty have fallen. Had no problems dealing with him, but he has subsequently reneged on laosn with a number of people.
-4 fluffypony Usagi Doesn't know how to backup in any way, shape, or form. He also refuses to accept responsibility for his actions, and then negrates because he thinks this is a Web of Trades and not a Web of Trust. Will adjust this rating if things change over time.
-10 fluffypony sugadaddy openly scams, admits to scamming publicly, Scotty's brother from another mother
-10 fluffypony dreamliner unfortunately turned out to be a long con
-10 fluffypony Synops known scammer