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Ratings of fluffypony

Rating Giver Receiver Notes
4 fluffypony pigeons a rare intelligence in the Bitcoin space
4 fluffypony GlooBoy his iTunes vouchers, my BTC, one glorious purchasing experience
2 fluffypony RainMan28 his USD for my BTC, large trade, such glorious trading the likes of which has not been seen until now
2 fluffypony sturles multiple deals, my BTC for his PPUSD, no problems
2 fluffypony danielpbarron safe, efficient, 5-digit trade
3 fluffypony GlooBoy so much of iTunes much of much of happy me
1 fluffypony rithm the anti-scamzor
2 fluffypony talisman hi PPEUR for my BTC, smooth like a rugby tackle isn't
1 fluffypony dmzpkts if it looks like a legend, smells like a legend, quacks like a's a legend
1 fluffypony hegemoOn smooth PPEUR for XMR trade, no issues
3 fluffypony moiety handler of goods, logistician extraordinaire, lover of manuls
1 fluffypony xmj not only have we broken bread, but we have broken wild boar. Also, took me on a tour of Old Town, Tallinn, Estonia.
2 fluffypony nanotube I'll upgrade this to a 10 if he moves gribble's backend to Tahoe LAFS...still a cool guy, though :-P
1 fluffypony RBecker RB is an acronym for his name. That should tell you all you need to know.
1 fluffypony frankenmint OpenRigs customer, and newly appointed /r/bitcoin mod
1 fluffypony TheButterZone sells shoe racks
1 fluffypony Cusipzzz foreteller of rallymoadz, stablemoadz, and tankz
1 fluffypony Blazedout419 knows how to treat burn victims
1 fluffypony assbot the A in assbot stands for AMAZING
1 fluffypony mircea_popescu dons a dapper suit whilst dishing out devilish advice and Bitcoins