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Ratings of fluffypony

Rating Giver Receiver Notes
3 pigeons fluffypony speaks the truth!
10 binaryFate fluffypony Fluffy!
4 GlooBoy fluffypony Easy Peasy, BTC--->my multi iTunes - - - Trusted OTCer
9 ladoga fluffypony
10 Nekomata fluffypony Monero core developer
1 RainMan28 fluffypony Bought some BTC off him -- great guy to deal with and very easy going.
3 danielpbarron fluffypony my PPUSD for his BTC; I sent first, he followed through no problem. double digit BTC
2 thestringpuller fluffypony Of course he's OG, he's South African
1 assbot fluffypony #bitcoin-assets
2 talisman fluffypony My PPEUR for his BTC. Nice and easy.
1 dmzpkts fluffypony totes mai doppleganger. Beware the awesome.
1 hegemoOn fluffypony smooth XMR trade for Euro, no issues
1 csm fluffypony regular
2 mircea_popescu fluffypony Businessman that now owes me a steak.
1 ronkrt fluffypony My BTC for Ordering me a Item that required a Credit Card
1 Cusipzzz fluffypony droppin knowledge
-2 Usagi fluffypony User rated me -2 based on rumor and innuendo. I don't know him, never done a trade with him.
1 Blazedout419 fluffypony helps others by pointing out idiots
1 pankkake fluffypony who wouldn't trust a pony
1 LobsterMan fluffypony my ppusd for their btc, quick and painless transaction :)