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Threads by Gingeropolous

Thread Name
Thread disappeared - open source GPU miner thread
Improved NVIDIA mining software
Forum Funding System (FFS) Sticky
Port to use Monero
The easiest way to buy monero
Useful Monero related tools
How to compile Monero
Privately donate to privacy-oriented services
Thread for Kramdown previews before submitting to github
Open source AMD miner by Wolf0
Lightweight client architecture / software
Secure contracts in the forum funding system
Make it rain on the devs when 0.9 is released!
Epitope - protocol to increase speed of large block propagation
I still don't understand why these types of payment networks don't exist yet
BlockGrant X
Things that gingeropolous thinks would make monero more awesome
How to connect to a remote node, picture tutorial
Payee pays for payer
Sister / Fusion blocks