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Defcon Speaker FFS

Defcon is coming upon us, and, for those who didn't know, Monero is going to have a pretty large presence there, unlike previous years. We have a Village that we are sharing with BCOS.

You can look at all of the work and preparation that has been put into this effort at the Taiga group.

This FFS is to reimburse expenses for people that will be handling massive amounts of work (before and during Defcon), such as the village manager, main speakers, main people manning tables, and handling sponsorship stuff. These people will be anonimal (run workshops, and Kovri table), sarang (man MRL table and speaker), myself (speaker and general village manager on the floor), and msvb-lab (running several workshops and doing incredible work now and during). For these people we are trying to get travel expenses (including lodging and travel), a small meal stipend, and Defcon entry fee covered.

As well, there is one volunteer who is handling sponsorships and will be doing other duties on the floor as assigned, Tonya Mead (a part of the PR O&E workgroup) who has paid their own travel expenses but is asking just the defcon fee to be covered ($280).

The total dollar value for all of these things is $8343.56, which, when using $125/XMR as a price, comes out to 66.74848 XMR.

To protect the privacy of different people's potential location that they will be traveling from, the breakdown of travel costs are not given, but can be provided to the Core Team upon request.

Speaker 1: 17.7 XMR

Speaker 2: 13.3 XMR

Speaker 3: 22.2 XMR

Speaker 4: 11.9 XMR

Speaker 5: 2.24 XMR

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We should definitely move this to funding required. Defcon is gonna be a great stage for Monero, and the community can only benefit from this.